Quality issues and other projects


ETSC has placed great emphasis on quality in learning by developing quality indicators for educational providers and by providing training courses for instructors. The quality indicators that ETSC has developed are based on Nordic and European quality assurance systems. ETSC has also developed a system for accredited learning providers in a European project called European Quality Mark (EQM). Further information can be found at www.europeanqualitymark.org.


Other projects

The Education and Training Service Centre has in recent years undertaken several projects for its owners, partners, stakeholders and the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. In addition, ETSC hosts a large project: the Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL)


The Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL) is a project initiated and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers ETSC hosts the project on behalf of Iceland. NVL is a forum for Nordic adult learning where the focus is on disseminating experiences and innovations. NVL promotes dialogue between different networks, initiates new networks and creates new co-operation models in order to enhance Nordic cooperation. For further information, visit www.nordvux.net