One of the main roles of the Education and Training Service Centre is to write curricula and programme descriptions and collaborate with its contracted partners in their development. ETSC programmes are diverse and meet the needs of both the learners and the labour market.


Accredited educational providers are responsible for running the courses in accordance with these curricula, with funding from the Education Fund. The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture has evaluated the curricula for credit at the upper secondary school level.


ETSC programmes are of various types, for example, vocational courses in areas such as the tourism, office, fish processing and trade sectors. Some programmes are tailored for people with dyslexia, based in part on the methodology of Ron Davis.


Other ETSC programmes develop basic skills in subjects such as Icelandic, mathematics, English and ICT. These general curricula are often a starting point for adults with limited schooling who wish to re-enter education.


For every curriculum that ETSC has developed, it has published a promotional brochure with a brief programme description (as an appendix). These brochures are mainly used by the educational providers responsible for teaching the various programmes.