Centre fro andragogy - training for instructors and promotion

Centre for andragogy - Training of instructors

The Education and Training Service Centre (ETSC) is a centre for educational consulting and the development of adult education. The Centre develops courses for teachers in various areas of adult education on an on-going basis which are then available to its contracted partners, along with follow up and consultation.


These courses cover various basic elements in andragogy and also focus on specialized teaching methods, such as creative strategies, assessment and distance learning technologies.


ETSC keeps an up-to-date and extensive database of books and other materials relevant to the various fields of adult education which is available to our contracted partners.



The Education and Training Service Centre publishes an annual journal called Gátt. Its purpose is to strengthen the discussion on adult education in Iceland, collect and share experiences and promote the current trends in education, theories, data, tools and Web sites.


Included in Gátt are diverse approaches to adult education aimed at a broad group of interested parties: policy makers, leaders, teachers, participants and others interested in innovations in the field.


The publication of Gátt coincides with ETSC's annual conference which takes place in the autumn. This conference provides an opportunity to discuss adult education from various perspectives. At the conference ETSC also presents awards to learners who have achieved results in their studies, by taking initiative and having the courage to overcome various obstacles.