Career guidance and validation of prior learning


The Education and Training Service Centre (ETSC) coordinates the development of career guidance for the target group in cooperation with accredited educational providers around the country. Included in this cooperation are regular seminars organized by ETSC.


Initially the focus was on workplace guidance, where the counsellors visited companies and presented the value of lifelong learning and the benefits of seeking career guidance. Following the changes on the labour market after the economic crisis in 2008, the counsellors are servicing job seekers to a greater extent.


Over the years, the career guidance services have become better known and people are increasingly seeking guidance and counselling on their own initiative. For individuals belonging to the ETSC's target group, guidance and counselling are free of charge.



Validation of prior learning is a systematic process whereby all knowledge and competencies an individual has gained through various activities - such as work experience, work-related learning, non-formal and informal learning, formal learning, social activities and family life - are formally documented and validated.


The Education and Training Service Centre has developed methods for validation of non-formal and informal learning. The role of the ETSC is to ensure quality and guarantee that the approved methodology is implemented in the sectors where the validation is being applied, as well as manage the implementation of the validation process in new sectors.


On continuing projects, ETSC provides counselling, but when initiating validation in new sectors, it is very actively involved: Representatives from ETSC are members of project steering groups, provide counselling to partners, coordinate training for validation staff and publish guidelines and checklists.